Retargeting Ad Marketing

Retargeting Ad Marketing

Get “window shoppers” who have visited your website previously to see your ads across the web on other popular websites to come back and complete the sale.

We can show your advertising banner to previous visitors of your website that did not convert as they browse other websites and apps to keep your business name in front of them and bring them back again.


Remarketing ads on CNN

Your banner ads can be posted on major media websites like CNN.

What are retargeting ads?

Retargeting ads are display ads that are shown only to previous visitors of your website as they browse the web on other websites or apps.

A small piece of code installed on your website keeps track of visitors and installs anonymous retargeting “cookies” in their browsers when they leave.

This allows you to target potential customers who have already expressed an interest in your business or product because they have visited your website previously.

The problem is though, most visitors will not make a purchase or signup for information the first time they ever visit your website.

Retargeted advertising allows your business to stay in the “top of mind” for potential customers as they navigate through the information gathering and purchase process.

Affordable advertising

With retargeted banner ads, you can advertise your brand across hundreds of websites and apps at an affordable rate to get previous visitors back to your website.

Using the Google AdWords platform, any business can create a retargeting campaign and have your banner ads displayed on a wide variety of websites and apps.

Your business gets great exposure to your target audience but doesn’t have to pay for all that advertising unless the user clicks on your ad and actually comes back to your website.

Remarketing ad shown to previous visitor.

Remarketing ad with special offer shown to a previous website visitor.

Targeting options

You can make your retargeted ads highly targeted depending on what your visitor looked at when they were on your website. For example, if they were looking at your maintenance service packages, your retargeted ads can show them a special offer for maintenance packages. If they were looking at a specific product line, you can show them an ad for that product. The cookie they received when visiting your site allows you to target them with specific ads.

Get your ads seen on popular websites

We will build you a retargeting ad campaign that will show your ads automatically at an affordable cost to previous visitors as they navigate across the internet.

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Drive qualified PPC traffic to your site

Pre-qualified traffic is driven to the website from highly focused pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Search visitors who have already expressed interest and buying intent are filtered back to your website. You get highly targeted visitors sent from Google to your website who are looking for a product or service right away and have already shown interest in your business.

You get more leads because the traffic to your site is already pre-qualified. Visitors are looking for a solution and a service provider and your site is there to give them exactly what they need. The cost per acquisition is much lower than trying to target visitors who have never heard of you or are at a different point in the buying cycle.

What kind of business is best served by a remarketing campaign?

Businesses that offer a service or product that people will seek information or deals on before making a decision can do well with retargeting. For example, this might include lawyers, landscapers, home remodelers or people searching for customized services and products. These types of searchers have a need but will usually put in time researching different service providers before deciding who to work with.

What are the benefits of a retargeting campaign?

Lead Generation means more profit

  • Ads appear on nationally recognized websites
  • Get a high number of ad impressions at a low cost
  • Pay only when someone clicks your ad
  • Target only people who have already shown interest
  • Bring people back to your business when they’re ready to buy
  • Show ads based on what pages they visited previously


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