Banner Ad Marketing

Banner Ad Marketing

Get your banners seen across the web on other popular websites and drive new customers to your business.

We can spread your advertising banner across a variety of websites and apps to get your business in front of new potential customers and introduce them to your brand. 

Why banner ad marketing?

With banner ads, you can advertise your brand across hundreds of websites and apps at an affordable rate to get you found by new customers.

Using the Google AdWords platform, any business can create banner ads and have them displayed on a huge variety of websites and apps.

This is an incredible opportunity for your business to be seen by new customers as they browse some of the most popular and most recognized sites on the web.

Banner ad targeting

Your ads can be targeted to be viewed only by web browsers that meet your demographic or geographic targeting. If you’re a local business in Naperville, IL, you can set your ads to only be viewed by people within 20 miles of your business.

Flat rate pricing

You can choose a package at a flat-rate cost, allowing your ads to be seen for 100,000 times at a pre-set cost within your budget.

Banner ads on CNN
Your banner ads can be posted on major media websites like CNN.

Demographic targeting

Google has a huge amount of demographic information about web users. Do you only want to target retirees within the Chicagoland area? We can set ad targeting to display your banners to only relevant web viewers. You have potential customers out there but you don’t know how to reach them. We can do that for you.

Get your ads seen on popular destinations on the web

We will build you a banner ad impression campaign to show your ads automatically to your target market at an affordable set cost.

Because you can choose a simple flat-rate cost, we can guarantee you a set number of ad impressions to your target market.

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I Sell Health Ad Banner
This ad is shown only to people over age 50 in the Chicagoland area.

Drive qualified PPC traffic to your site

Pre-qualified traffic is driven to the website from highly focused pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Search visitors who have already expressed interest and buying intent are filtered to your lead generation site which has been built to be fast, clear and free of distractions. You get highly targeted visitors sent from Google to your website who are looking for a product or service right away.

You get more leads because the traffic to your site is already pre-qualified. Visitors are looking for a solution and a service provider and your site is there to give them exactly what they need.

What kind of business is best served by a banner ad campaign?

Service businesses dependent on exposure and leads can do very well: Lawyers, Plumbers, Exterminators, Landscapers, Carpet Cleaners, and others with a clearly defined service, especially if the need is immediate or time sensitive. E-commerce sites can also perform well because they can drive a customer right to the product that they can buy now. If you can drive someone to an offer page where there is a product, lead capture form, or email signup list, these campaigns can do well.

What are the benefits of a banner campaign?

Lead Generation means more profit

  • Ads appear on nationally recognized websites
  • Choose the number of impressions you need
  • New visitors from new sources
  • Flat-rate advertising expense
  • Demographic targeting
  • Geographic targeting
  • More leads
  • Mobile friendly

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Image at top left “4 Tricks To Master The Magic Of Modern Lead Generation” by Joe The Goat Farmer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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